Nature's Law

Garden Craft By Danny Law

Nd (hort) FdSc (garden design)


Our combined technical and creative expertise will ensure your garden develops into a beautiful outdoor space, cared for by us and leaving you free to enjoy its riches.

 Regenerating work




When gardens are not properly cared for over a number of years, shrubs can become overgrown, climbers tangled, and borders overgrown and weed ridden.

We provide a clearance and regeneration programme that can be adjusted to fit your budget by extending work over several seasons.

We recommend an initial hour's consultation visit that will be charged at £145 up to 50 miles. The visit would be followed up by a written recommendation report with a detailed and priced schedule of work.

Maintenance contracts



We will draw up an annual maintenance contract that details work to be carried out each week of the year.

Each visit will be priced to include an allowance for materials. If additional work is required throughout the course of the year, this would be quoted and charged for separately,  prior to execution.

Annual maintenance contracts are charged monthly, payable in advance

Plant supply and installation

We can source, supply and plant a range of specimens including:

Mature and semi-mature trees

Large stock requires expertise in transporting, moving to location and planting. We use a range of machinery and equipment to ensure that trees, property and personnel come to no harm. We can stake or underground guy trees.

Our experience working with mature trees enables us to assess ground conditions and access requirements so that we can recommend the best specimen for your situation.

We also advise on the use of trees in detracting from unwanted views or overlook problems, and can recommend a range of screening solutions, from deciduous to evergreen, open canopied to topiarised or pleached trees.

Whatever your tree requirements, we can recommend and plant  the right specimen for your garden, selecting the best tree from a number of top class suppliers both in UK and throughout Europe.

Hedges and screens




A range of different hedges can be planted as boundary structures or to create ornamental divisions in gardens. Traditional species such as yew, hornbeam and beech contribute a timeless character to a garden, and the latter can be supplied as green or purple leaved varieties.

For an unusual twist, beech can be planted as a tapestry hedge, alternating copper and purple leaved forms, Holly and hawthorn can be used in more rural areas as native hedges, and species such as crab apple, quince and sloe are planted as edible hedges for the enjoyment of both humans and wildlife!

New or existing hedges can be cut to a formal 'A' profile or even as an organic-shaped 'cloud' hedge. To create a strong design feature, hedges can be laid out in a serpentine shape, and we can also advise on the use of stilted hedges for extra height and elegance.

Lawns and specialist turf




We supply, install and maintain all types of lawn, from tight mown quality turf to wildflower or chamomile lawns.

We can recommend turf solutions for many garden areas including banked ground and soil stabilisation issues, and we even lay turf on a sub-base to provide for car parking.

Caring for lawns, whether formal or wild turf, requires skill and expertise with specific seasonal maintenance required at different times of the year. Lawns usually form the centrepiece of a garden and act as a foil to set off other planting and design features, so it's important to invest in their care.

We can advise on a suitable maintenance regime for the regeneration or replacement of existing lawns. For new areas of formal turf or wild lawns we will recommend the right grass or grass and flower mixes for your situation and prepare a maintenance schedule to ensure turf remains at a high quality year after year.

Planting and layout design




We use in-house CAD design to prepare detailed planting plans for existing borders and to develop full designs for new gardens. Working with external partners we can arrange for all groundwork and construction to be carried out under our supervision.

We carry out our own garden surveys although we may recommend commissioning a digital survey from an external supplier when we require greater accuracy over larger areas.

These additional design services are offered to ensure we can provide our clients with a 'one stop' garden management service

Pest and disease control




The underlying philosophy for all our work is to ensure good garden health by following a 'right plant, right place' approach. However, Nature is at times unpredictable and all gardens will occasionally experience pest and disease problems on certain plants.

We only use herbicides and pesticides when absolutely necessary but do hold all the necessary certificates to apply these safely and legally when required, and would only do so under consultation with you.

Specialist and formative pruning



We are fully qualified to work at height and use a range of vehicle mounted raised platform machinery to carry out high level pruning work.

This is particularly useful for pruning large wall-trained climbers such as wisteria, tall hedges, old fruit trees and for lighter arboricultural work. If large limb or specialist tree surgery is required we work with arboricultural partners to ensure this is carried out safely and to a high standard.

Other creative pruning offers include cloud pruning of existing hedges or stand alone specimens. We can also create new topiary from existing mature woody plants - this may take several years to achieve the final effect but is a fascinating process in its own right.

Such specialist pruning is often seasonally dictated and we will advise you when specific work can be implemented.